Minister Montes for cabinet change: “The Government has to strengthen its action and its projection”

The head of the Ministry of Housing and Urbanism (Minvu), Minister Carlos Montes, addressed the change of cabinet that could take place during March in La Moneda, shortly after one year of the government of President Gabriel Boric.

The government spokesperson, Camila Vallejo, referred to the eventual ministerial adjustment. In this regard, the Secretary of State and militant of the Communist Party (PC) assured that “it must be without pressure, because they are analyzes and reflections made by the President.”

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President Boric himself ruled out having suffered “pressure” from the ruling party’s political parties to make a cabinet adjustment “soon” and emphasized that “we are always evaluating the teams.”

Asked about the possible adjustment, in conversation with the T13 news, Minister Montes stressed, “that depends on the President, as all the ministers say”, but he believes that it is good “to affirm the team and make adjustments to the team”.

“The President will see what characteristics and what content because a very demanding stage is coming and the government has to strengthen its action and its projection,” said the head of the Minvu and militant of the Socialist Party (PS).

On the current composition of the cabinet, Minister Carlos Montes reiterated: “I think it is good that it is strengthened.”

It is worth mentioning that for months a new air has been anticipated in the government ministries, which would bring another balance of powers in terms of the ruling party political parties and their presence in the various portfolios.

Although there is no confirmed information, sources close to La Moneda say that there could be changes of sub-secretaries in March and that Democratic Socialism would be the coalition that would gain more prominence than it currently has.

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