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Unionists and peasants denounce the crisis in Cuba: “The national outlook is bleak”

MIAMI, United States. — Cuban trade unionists and peasants denounced the serious crisis in which the island finds itself and blamed the Castro regime for the increase in poverty and hunger in the Caribbean country.

Through a statementthe activists recalled that the problems of scarcity and inflation that Cuba is facing were warned of for several years and that Castroism never responded to the numerous requests of independent civil society to unleash the productive forces.

“Despite the fact that they claim to represent us, the authorities have not responded in the last five years to a single one of our proposals as peasants and workers to avoid the crisis and famine that the population is suffering today,” says the text, titled Call to the people of Cuban peasants and workers.

The signed communiqué appears signed by Iván Hernández Carrillo, general secretary of the Independent Trade Union Association of Cuba (ASIC); Esteban Ajete Abascal, president of the League of Independent Farmers; and María López, director of the Latin American Federation of Rural Women.

The complainants point out that in the last five years the island’s regime has responded to the demands of the citizenry with violence. The result is an irreversible crisis that, they say, could have been avoided.

“In all that time, pride did not solve the problems, it aggravated them. The repression did not liquidate the protests, it multiplied them. Inflation and food shortages and other essential products for daily life could have been avoided. The repeated social explosions that the repression fails to eradicate could have been avoided. The massive and disorderly exodus to the United States could have been avoided,” the statement added.

According to the signatories, the Cuban regime has not only caused the current crisis, but also “does not dare to recognize the national tragedy nor have they issued a single law that puts an end to the current disasters.”

The hoarding of capital by the Grupo de Administración Empresarial SA (GAESA), the failure of the guidelines, the exploitation of “internationalist” doctors, and support for the Russian invasion of Ukraine were other issues addressed by the activists. Regarding the latter, they denounced submission to the interests of Moscow to the detriment of the welfare of the Cubans themselves.

“The government prefers to grant land in usufruct for thirty years and other privileges to the Russian colonialists rather than free our peasants from the Stockpiling, tax harassment and the prohibition to receive investments or to trade without intermediaries nationally and internationally,” the statement said.

The statement also regrets that Castroism “prefers to deny full economic freedoms to Cuban citizens to start businesses to, instead, fabricate a false “private” sector of Mipymes with which the new oligarchy and its acolytes seek to evade sanctions. internationals to the Cuban State”.

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