Unionist highlights the work of "economic migrants" in Costa Rica: "They come to boost the economy"

Unionist highlights the work of “economic migrants” in Costa Rica: “They come to boost the economy”

In interview with Article 66the general secretary of the Central of the Movement of Costa Rican Workers (CMTC), based in San José, Oscar Cruz Morales, He affirmed that Nicaraguans who have migrated to the neighboring country to the south provide a very important contribution to the economy, for which reason he questions the criticism or the attempt to stop the arrival of “economic migrants” in that nation.

Cruz Morales’s statements come after recent statements by the president Rodrigo Chavezwho assured that his country intends not receive more “economic migrants”.

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According to the trade unionist, there are many jobs that are produced by the hands of Nicaraguans. “What we have always demanded is that if they are working, their labor rights must be respected and access to social security must be guaranteed,” he said.

He stressed that the contribution made by Nicaraguan migrants for many years, whether with companies, institutions or in the countryside, come to boost the Nicaraguan economy.

General Secretary of the Central of the Movement of Workers (CMTC) with headquarters in San José Costa Rica, Oscar Cruz Morales. Photo: Article 66 / Noel Miranda

“After having emerged from a pandemic of more than two years, where we were practically detained at a global level, this economy managed to get ahead thanks to migrants,” said Cruz Morales.

“There should be no segmentation of migrants”

Regarding the classification that Chaves made of “economic migrants”, the citizens who decide to migrate from their country of origin and who, according to him, do not come, it is not for political reasons, the CMTC secretary said that there should not be a segmentation.

“A migrant is a migrant here and in whatever country they are in, and the conditions must be the same for political, economic, or transit migrants. It is not worth segmenting, because then that figure of the migrant would be more divided”, Indian. He also stressed that international agreements and the working conditions of migrants must be respected.

Rodrigo Chaves to Ortega:
The work of Nicaraguan migrants “provides an important contribution to the Costa Rican economy”

He also affirmed that despite the declarations of the Costa Rican president, Nicaraguan migrants should not worry, because “here no decisions have been made contrary to what he has been doing, in fact more is being achieved to give that solidarity support to all Nicaraguan citizens than They come to park here.”

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However, he stated that he is concerned “that for 40 years we have had this situation in Nicaragua and there has not been a way out (…) I think that the Nicaraguan people can no longer withstand so much pressure, so much siege, so much political persecution, since they cannot pronounce themselves They don’t have the same rights.

Nicaragua is the country that sends the most migrants and refugees to the Central American country. Official data indicates that Costa Rica It has received more than 200,000 refugee applications since 2018, when Nicaragua registered the worst human rights crisis in its modern history.

Most of these requests correspond to Nicaraguans who have fled the regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo, some for political reasons and others for the serious sociopolitical, economic and human rights crisis that Managua has been dragging for four years.

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