Union of Public Health officials denounces termination of 1,600 contracts

The Federation of Public Health Officials (FFSP) requested an emergency meeting with the authorities of the State Health Services Administration (ASSE) for the cessation of 1,600 covid plan contractsThe union said in a statement on Thursday.

The measure “will deteriorate the care service provided to the population,” he claimed, because they were officials who performed functions in care centers throughout the country. The Observer He tried to contact the authorities, but got no response.

“Thousands of users will be left without due attention, since entire services are sustained thanks to this plan (covid) ”, they expressed from the federation. They called this situation an “outrage” against those who “reinforced the front line of care in the midst of a pandemic by performing the most difficult tasks: emergency doors, swabs, covid rooms, CTI, among others.”

In addition, the FFSP requested that prior analyzes be carried out, because it was without prior notice. “It was communicated this Thursday starting at 4:00 p.m., when many of the workers entered at 00:00 a.m.. This only aggravates the complex situation that we have regarding personnel in some centers, in addition to deserving a more humane and grateful treatment than this rudeness that they are doing, out of respect for the task we carry out and the commitment that these colleagues have in the performance of such complex tasks”, explained the union.

For the FFSP, these cuts in health “can only bring more deterioration” of the quality of care in very sensitive areas, in addition to a greater wear on the health team, which, they said, “is already very resentful.”

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