Unilever launches sustainable and vegan hair care campaign

The latest campaign for Love, Beauty & Planet, Unilever’s sustainable and vegan beauty brand and whose motto is “Acts of love for your hair and the planet”, reaffirms the idea of ​​preserving natural resources and the environment, as well as help reduce carbon emissions from its operations. To do this, four entrepreneurs present each of the varieties for hair care.

Nicolás Peyrous, Unilever’s Head of Personal Care Marketing, said that Love, Beauty & Planet “manages” to give the same degree of importance to beauty care as to the planet.

“It manages to combine high performance products for personal care, with the preservation of the environment. It is designed for those people who seek to take care of their beauty, but who do not want their consumption decisions to negatively impact our planet. Hence, we have a holistic approach that encompasses the entire product life cycle, and more: we have given special attention to our ingredients, packaging and social alliances, ”she deepened.

Peyrous explained that the products are based on plants – up to 98% of their composition – and have biodegradable, organic and carbon offset formulas. None of the products contain parabens, artificial colors, or ingredients derived from petroleum, as well as silicones, aluminum and ethyl alcohol. “All ingredients are sustainably sourced, working responsibly with local communities,” he said.

The brand offers four collections, each one with different proposals for hair care. First of all, the Curls Intensify variety with murumuru butter is a sulfate-free shampoo, ideal for people with curls that keep them natural and hydrated.

Then there is the Hope and Repair line, with organic coconut oil, which helps repair hair damage, strengthen the ends and nourish it; meanwhile, lavender and argan oil are the main ingredients of the Smooth and Serene line, whose formula is prepared to control frizz and provide a relaxing fragrance.

Finally, the Energizing Detox variety revitalizes the hair, achieving a deep clean with the purifying properties of tea tree oil, giving it shine and volume.

In addition, all this is certified “independently” by the Vegan Action organization and by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), which guarantees that the products “do not contain elements of animal origin and that they are not tested on animals. ”, stressed Peyrous.

“Another relevant aspect of the brand is that its bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic and are 100% recyclable. The labels have an adhesion system that allows them to be easily removed for recycling from the container, which guarantees that other new products can be made from their post-consumer processing”, he detailed.


The entrepreneurs chosen for this Love, Beauty & Planet campaign are: Denise Rozza (sustainable textile designer), Florencia Tomasi (vegan makeup artist), Alana Silver (co-founder of Organi Envases Compostables) and Ivy Torres (vegan chef).

Why them? “The protagonists of this campaign are sustainable entrepreneurs. They carry out personal and professional activities that seek to have a positive impact on both nature and people. We share that philosophy, that purpose with the brand. We seek, through small acts, to generate a balance between care and beauty, of people, and the planet”, replied Peyrous.

Unilever’s Personal Care Marketing Manager concluded that the proposal to connect love with hair and the planet “brands” that it is possible to choose high-performance hair care products and, at the same time, have collection for the environment. ambient.

“Being products with a high percentage of ingredients of natural origin, vegan, sustainable, ethically obtained, certified by the Vegan Action organization, in 100% recycled and recyclable packaging, which allows, according to the collection, to have a deep cleaning, moisturizing, repairing, giving shine and volume to the hair, is a comprehensive proposal, in which you do not have to choose between one thing or another. Taking care of hair and the planet, at the same time, is possible”, he concluded.

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