San Gerónimo sector covered by crime

San Gerónimo sector covered by crime

The insecurity that has plagued several places in the national territory in recent weeks has created uneasiness in the San Geronimo sector, of the National District, because it has been hit with a wave of robberies what has caused panic in the community.

Some business owners in this area said that criminal activity has been felt more in recent months, a reason that caused some businesses to make the decision to reinforce security measures and close their doors early.

Such is the case of Mr. Antonio Severino, who used to close his grocery store around 12:00 midnight, but now everything has changed. The doors of his business must be closed by 9:00 at night at the latest, since after that time she feels that is in danger the amount of robberies in the zone.

Although he assures that they not only fear for their safety at night, but also that they suffer the pain of walking “with their eyes wide open during the day”, since for the unscrupulous there is no schedule to carry out their misdeeds.

Some community members of the sector stated that they are alert to any engine sound, or even the approach of strange vehicles in the area. They say that right now distrust their own shadow.

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Among the cases reported to Free Journal it is recorded that in a period of 20 days at least 17 people have been victims of dispossession of their belongings.

A colmado located in the sector had bought two motors to facilitate the transfer of orders to the homes of the place. Happiness was short-lived for its owner, because one day after obtaining them, some hooded men managed to snatch one of them from their worker at gunpoint.

According to the residents of the sector Saint Geronimogetting out of the area on foot and even in private vehicles turns out to be “almost a miracle”.

“I have to take my daughter out there on the avenue every day until she takes the vehicle, because about 15 days ago she was robbed and from there to here she lives in fear and her nerves do not go away,” said Mr. Juan Constantino Pérez, a resident of the area for more than 20 years.

Colmados with maximum security

The grocery stores of the sector Saint Geronimo They have made the decision to reinforce the security of their businesses.

From windows to entry spaces, many of these businesses are being fully secured with small cell irons, padlocks and even chains.

Gerónimo Cruz Ramírez, owner of one of these businesses, said that despite the fact that the grocery store is constantly flowing with people, the new method of robberies group has it on panic and decided to reinforce the closures of the place.

He indicated that for a few days he has noticed a tension in the community members of the area, and that he hopes that the National Police take accurate measures against the unscrupulous who have taken over the country.

They complain that the National Police has been “incapable” in its actions of seeking solutions to reduce the robberies and crimes in the country.

Although they see positive that the National Police act before criminals with character, referring to the death of four alleged “antisocial” at the hands of uniformed agents.

Colmados with maximum security (FREE DIARY / DANIA ACEVEDO)

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Military to the streets to curb crime

President Luis Abinader launched this Thursday a joint operation between the National Police and members of the Armed Forces that began in the afternoon to combat the delinquency and instructed them to act “with respect for human rights, but firmly.”

He said that the blows that have been given to drug trafficking during his administration have also increased micro-trafficking and criminal acts in the neighborhoods.

“I want to tell you that I fully trust the actions of the National Police and I know that they will act with respect for human rights, but with the firmness that is needed in these circumstances. I ask those who are acting in our neighborhoods and our sectors taking uneasiness that they do not do it and surrender in a peaceful way, because if they are not going to look for them wherever they are, “Abinader warned.

Dominican journalist, graduated from the Technological University of Santiago (UTESA).

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