UNES graduates more than 60 Citizen Security officials in Caracas

The National Experimental Security University (UNES), this Friday graduated 68 officials from the nation’s Citizen Security agencies, in order to provide comprehensive training in the development of knowledge and research networks that contribute to the production of alternatives and solutions that benefit the Venezuelan people.

The initiative is part of the National Advanced Training Program (PNFA) and was carried out in the spaces of the Ernesto “Che” Guevara Auditorium, in the city of Caracas.

The Secretary General of the UNES, Evelyn Carrillo, stressed that “in our classrooms we are training professionals, who are already citizen security workers, criminal investigators or even criminalists, who today in this act have shown that they continue to believe in this institution. which is the legacy left by our Comandante Hugo Chávez”.

During the activity, 18 doctors in Citizen Security graduated, in the police and fire department mentions; 19 master’s degrees in Citizen Security, Police mention; eight specialists in Citizen Security, police and firemen mentions; 19 masters in criminalistics and four specialists in criminalistics.

The director of Postgraduate Studies, Reinaldo Rangel, and the directors of the Academies of Police Service, Bomberil, Criminal Investigation and Criminalistics of this Alma Mater were present at the place.

Source: UNES


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