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Uncertainty persists in the health sector for 2023

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Uncertainty persists in the health sector for 2023

In colombia health is projected with uncertainty for 2023, according to industry experts. However, expectations are also positive despite the prospects.

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In past months, several of the comments by the Minister of Health and Social Protection, Carolina Corcho, against the elimination of Health Provider Entities (EPS), The reform that is being proposed, the current situation of covid 19, the management of monkeypox and even the shortage of some medicines, put the situation in the sector on alert.

According to Paula Acosta, president of the Colombian Association of Comprehensive Medicine Companies, Acemi, in the projection of the sector it is expected that in the first quarter of the year, when an addition to the budget will be processed, resources for health are added, particularly for health insuranceor, in such a way that sufficiency is guaranteed for the daily benefits to which all Colombians have access.

“Today we have been registering an increase in the frequency of services that are associated with various factors such as transfers due to the liquidation of the EPS, the discussion of the reform that generates uncertainty within the population and also the effects of the prolonged covid”, assured the president of Acemi.

Regarding the issue of EPS, Gustavo Morales Cobo, former president of Acemi, indicated that next year will be “fascinating” for the sector. However, he states that the “legitimate concerns of the Minister of Health about the deficiencies of the system in rural areas and in marginalized sectors will contrast with the fact that a large majority of Colombians appreciate the work done by the EPS in care of your health.”

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On the other hand, Morales Cobo assured that the EPS, They are going to move towards a political pact in which they will truly assume the role of individual health risk guarantors for Colombians.

The state will strengthen its role where private competition fails to enforce the right to health. I see a year of great agreements, not confrontation”, indicated Morales.

Regarding the issue of health reform, of which there is no document today, but about which there has been speculation, Gustavo Quintero, dean of the School of Medicine and Health Sciences of the Universidad del Rosario, stated that the projections for next year are very uncertain, there being a genuine concern in the sector of the different actors, for a reform of which “we know nothing at the moment.”

For the dean, “What is being evidenced right now with the underfunding of the system, with the difficulties that the EPS are going through, and with the whole issue of medicines, only portends that what is coming is going to be worse, so it is a real concern. receiving a 2023 with doubts and anxieties to know how this can take better directions”.

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In turn, Cristian Vanegas, general manager of Healcont, assured that by 2023, the IPS are going to become more solid, which is seen positively since people’s right to health will be guaranteed. Likewise, for the manager, technology and innovation for the sector must be delved into.

However, in the line of attention, Vanegas stated that in his consideration and in view of progress, “the system is not going to become an oligopoly, and the attention of the population is concentrated on a few actors”.

For the manager, competition with clear rules is always healthy to provide better care throughout the country.


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