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Unanimously approved 1st discussion of the Asset Forfeiture Law

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This Friday, in an extraordinary session of the National Assembly, the first discussion of the draft Organic Law on Asset Forfeiture was unanimously approved.

“Everything that is the product of corruption must be returned to the people. Absolutely everything”, sentenced the president of the National Assembly Jorge Rodríguez this Friday when he intervened in the session.

In the same way, he stressed that in this crime the victim is the people, the one who was robbed, and to whom the main betrayal was done.

“The greatest betrayal is to that town, and that town must be compensated, it must be repaired,” he said before the plenary.

In this regard, he pointed out that what the corrupt stole was made aware of the damage they were doing to the people of Venezuela.

He also asserted that these acts of corruption are complementary to the blockade against the Venezuelan people.

“These, taking advantage of these special circumstances, resorted to a brutal form of violation of the oath not only with the people but also with their honor, with their parents, with their ancestors, with their brothers in struggle,” he said.

Anti-corruption system

Regarding the fight against corruption, he said that he has demonstrated with facts that he goes to the end “whoever falls falls.” And he recalled that the process of “decapitating those who betrayed the people of Venezuela” has continued.

In this regard, he stressed the importance of addressing the issue of corruption as a true system in order to resolve it. “Otherwise we will not be able to get rid of this scourge,” he said.

He recalled that on the few occasions in which, in the times of the Fourth Republic, a case of corruption was pointed out, only the little corrupt person was pointed out.

“How can a person who is in this fight become a slave to someone who is in business? How can he become a slave to an immoral? Deep down it is what they end up being, they become merchandise, because for the corrupting capitalist the official becomes a bargaining chip”.

He stressed that another indissoluble element with the fact of corruption is betrayal. First it’s money and then it’s betrayal, he pointed out, and overnight he became a leader of the Venezuelan opposition.

He cited examples such as the cases of Rafael Ramírez and Ismael García.

He indicated that they take advantage of legal loopholes, as well as corruption in the justice system.

“There are four judges in prison already and we are going for more,” he warned about corrupt judges.

no to impunity

In the same way, the president of the National Assembly stressed the importance of people feeling that the corrupt are punished.

In this sense, he asked parliamentarians to be inflexible before this Law.

Note in progress…

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