After next week there will be new offers of meat cuts

Rafael Rodríguez, vice president of the Union of Meat Sellers (UVC), announced a 25% reduction in the price of sheep’s neck and a “surprise” for after Tourism.

The Union of Meat Vendors (UVC) presented this week the result of its last two promotions with very significant sales figures in volume: 50 tons of chicken legs and 28 tons of peceto, Rafael Rodríguez, vice president of the UVC, announced with satisfaction. . “This is something that was unthinkable on trading days, but today it happened and this encourages us to continue; It may be that there are little legs somewhere and there are surely little ones, still ”, he affirmed.

Both products were in great demand in traditional butcher shops since the UVC announced important sales after Carnival, continuing a promotion policy that had a very positive impact during the pandemic.

Rodríguez also announced a new promotion for his clients with a reduction of around 25% in the price of sheep’s neck, a highly coveted cut, ideal for baking or stewing.

“Today we start with the sale of the sheep’s neck, which we are preparing for winter. It is a product that can be baked, it can be stewed, it was slow cooked”.

Rodríguez specified that the nape “comes out at a spectacular price, because they are going to be $149 per kilo, when a month and a half ago it cost more than $200, which means around 25% less.”

“After Tourism, there the surprise is going to be the price that we are going to put on the narrow steak; The vedette of all the promotions returns and it is the narrow steak ”.

The butcher shops affiliated to the UVC began to apply discounts on the price of the kilo of peceto (40% cheaper) as well as on chicken legs ($99 per kilo) after Carnival.

The vice-president of the UVC affirmed that the objective is “to prevent prices from skyrocketing in a discriminatory manner.” “We all know and we all want Uruguayan products to be sold above all things and they must be protected in some way,” he said.

After next week there will be new offers of meat cuts

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