Unamos affirms that "they will not lose heart" in the struggle for the release of political prisoners

Unamos affirms that “they will not lose heart” in the struggle for the release of political prisoners

The Renovating Democratic Union (Unamos) recalls the four years of civic struggle emphasizing that it is opportune “to remember that the ideals of the civic struggle for a Nicaragua in democracy and freedom continue to stand”, for which they demand justice for the victims and freedom to the imprisoned.

“Today more than ever, the flame that united the people in the streets is still alive. Together we are strong. We demand justice for all those who offered their lives, for those who lost their freedom, and for those who have and had to go into exile, fleeing persecution and violence by the Ortega-Murillo dictatorship,” the opposition organization states through of their social networks.

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Unamos assures that “we will not lose heart demanding the release of the more than 184 political prisoners detained in the prisons of the dictatorship in subhuman conditions, subjected to cruel physical and psychological torture.”

The opposition organization faces the imprisonment of six of its directors when the guerrilla commander Dora María Téllez was arrested on June 13; the former president of Unamos, Ana Margarita Vijil; the former Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, Víctor Hugo Tinoco; retired general Hugo Torres Jiménez; and the president of Unamos, Suyen Barahona. Tamara Dávila was arrested a day earlier, on June 12, 2021.

The dictatorship subjected them to political trials where they were found guilty of the alleged crime of “conspiracy to undermine national integrity.” While Torres died in the hands of the repressive police.

Tinoco was sentenced to 13 years in prison; Ana Margarita Vijil was sentenced to 10 years in prison and Tamara Dávila, Dora María Téllez and Suyen Barahona 8 years each.

Related news: Nicaraguans in Costa Rica call on opponents to “unify their struggle fronts to end the dictatorship”

As part of their repressive actions, the sanctioned Police arbitrarily raided the home of former Sandinista guerrilla Dora María Téllez and arrested her along with Ana Margarita Vijil. About three hours before the raid, at least two police and motorized patrols surrounded the ex-combatant’s home, while a drone flew over the property.

Before being arrested, Vijil left a recorded message stating that “this video would come out in case I was illegally detained. I want to leave it said, what we have already said at other times: we continue in the fight, this is part of the process to get rid of Daniel Ortega. No one here cracks Daniel Ortega is leaving! We’re going to take it out. Forces”.

“We will continue to strengthen unity in diversity to resist and defeat this dictatorship, until we reach the Nicaragua with justice, democracy and freedom that we deserve. United we will achieve, sooner rather than later, the liberation of our beloved Nicaragua”, concludes the opposition group.

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