Unab launches SOS for the health of Víctor Hugo Tinoco.  Demand immediate release

Unab launches SOS for the health of Víctor Hugo Tinoco. Demand immediate release

The opposition Blue and White National Unity (Unab) joins the demand for immediate freedom for the former vice chancellor of Nicaragua and current political prisoner victor hugo Tinoco. The relatives of the hostage of conscience raised their voices of alert so that Tinoco can receive medical attention and avoid an outcome like that of retired General Hugo Torres, who died on February 12, in the police custody of the Ortega regime.

“Our solidarity with the family; We demand that the regime of (Daniel) Ortega respect his right to proper medical care, “the lawsuit details.

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Juan Diego Barberena, member of the Political Council of Unab, told Article 66 that the freedom of the current prisoner of conscience is necessary for him to receive an accurate diagnosis and better treatment.

“Bringing up the situation of the deceased retired general Hugo Torres, the Blue and White National Unit affirms that the Ortega and Murillo dictatorship is committing crimes inside the prisons where political prisoners are held,” he denounced.

“The regime must attend to and guarantee adequate attention to the health of all political prisoners,” Barberena emphasized. He added that “the urgency of the family to release Tinoco” is because we do not want what happened to General Hugo Torres to be repeated, because we also do not want the fact that political prisoners are dying in jail to be normalized as a result of of the extremely poor conditions of which they are victims”.

If the health of the member of the Unión Democrática Renovadora (Unamos) is not attended to in a timely manner, Unab emphasizes that the only person responsible would be the Ortega regime for being in its custody.

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“The State has a special legal duty to ensure the physical and mental integrity of political prisoners; and it is the State that has not allowed regular visits and has denied independent medical visits and keeps him in isolation », he stressed.

Fierce with members of Unamos

For her part, Alexa Zamora, from Unab, emphasized that Daniel Ortega has deprived all hostages of conscience of the right to health. “We have seen the behavior of the regime around valetudinarian people, who are not only elderly people, but opponents with chronic conditions,” she remarked.

Medical attention is urgently needed for Víctor Hugo Tinoco. They demand immediate freedom. Photo: Article / The Press

“From the beginning, his daughter —Cristian Tinoco— made public the problems that Víctor Hugo (Tinoco) presents, but we see that the regime has been vicious with dissidents from the Sandinista Front, as is the case with members of Unamos; We already saw it with Hugo Torres (RIP) and now with Tinoco », she stressed.

Zamora warned that if there is no prompt response to the SOS launched by the political leader’s family “very likely we will have an outcome similar to that of Hugo Torres, we cannot ignore the responsibility of the State before all persons deprived of their liberty and who are under his guardianship, and any death that occurs are attributable to the regime.

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Unab’s reactions come after the afternoon of Tuesday, March 15, Cristian Tinoco denounced that his father is in a delicate health situation and needs to be treated by specialists.

In an audio published by the Nicaraguan Center for Human Rights (Cenidh), the daughter of the former Sandinista guerrilla explained that in the assessment made by her father’s doctor they show that Tinoco, who is close to turning 70, suffers from diseases that warrant his being immediately released.

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