UN asks for 1,790 million dollars for Venezuelan migration in Latin America

UN asks for 1,790 million dollars for Venezuelan migration in Latin America

The International Organization for Migration and the UN Refugee Agency, UNHCR, made a request for international help to continue working on Latin America while the migration and exodus of Venezuelans continues to increase.

Those organisms need about $ 1,790 million to continue facing the challenges of migration over the next year and strengthen host communities in 17 countries which include Latin america and the caribbean.

With that money the agencies of the UN help the organizations and institutions that work in those nations with migrants and that provide them economical support, contribute to their integration into society and they try to get employment and opportunities.

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Another important task is to facilitate the regularization of these migrants in host countries and thus give them access to topics of health and education for them and for the families that include minors.

The special representative of the UNHCR and IOM for Refugees from Venezuela, Eduardo Stein, he told AFP that “it is the largest human exodus from the history of Latin America and that it has been getting worse for five years. “

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