Umpiérrez: The “forgotten Montevideo” is not “the fault of the opposition”

The mayor of Rocha, Alejo Umpiérrez echoed the statements by Graciela Villarpresident of the Departmental for Montevideo of the wide front. The communal hierarch of the Roche department expressed himself through his Twitter at the rate of expressions by Villar.

They were related to the reasons why his political force did not vote for the trusteeship of the National Party in Rocha.

About this, Umpiérrez began by arguing that Villar forgot to warn that “all Montevideans pay a sanitation fee to do what they do not do and intend to ask for money outside that also went in a small part to sanitation and the rest to perishable goods.”

He asserted that the departments of Río Negro and Rocha did not “request trust funds to ‘“pay salaries”’. In the case of Río Negro, it was to “be able to pay a loan for US$6: which expired before the change of government.” About it, he argued that “the FA government did not pay, leaving the economy of that department mortgaged.”

About his apartment, he maintained that Rocha «asked for ‘”other works”‘ yes. Bridges that connect isolated neighborhoods, a dam that will prevent flooding of the departmental capital that we often see on TV or to build a home for the elderly. Against those little works they voted among others». he argued she.

Umpiérrez and “three decades of oblivion” for Montevideo

Regarding the closing of his expressions, Umpiérrez remarked that in Montevideo he cannot argue ‘“that they do not allow the city to be cleaned”’ after 30 years that the FA has not been able to solve the waste issue due to its sole and exclusive responsibility. The “forgotten Montevideo” is not the fault of the opposition and has been forgotten for 3 decades».

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