Héctor Rodríguez to young people: do not be seduced by the logic of power

Héctor Rodríguez to young people: do not be seduced by the logic of power

The governor of Miranda, Héctor Rodríguez, urged the young people who have political responsibilities in the revolution not to move away “from the neighborhoods, from the popular struggles.

“Do not be seduced by the logic of Power,” he suggested during the second plenary session of the V Congress of the red awning and the IV Congress of the JPSUV, led by the president of the PSUV, Nicolás Maduro.

The leader of the Miranda state recalled that thanks to the Bolivarian revolution, young people have every opportunity to assume political power and contribute to the construction of the Homeland.

“This youth is not the same as the one that had to be persecuted by a State that was afraid of young people and that is why they were persecuted through the law of the vagrants and thugs and the recruit. Today you have all the possibilities to be what you want to be », she stressed.

However, he stressed that forging the path of socialism and fighting against the capital model requires contamination by the tentacles of power and bureaucratism. “An ethical and conscientious effort is needed on the part of the new generations,” he explained.

Finally, he stressed that the central objective of the revolutionary struggle is to transcend the imperialist and capitalist model. “We must continue to fight corruption and diversion,” he assured.

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