Ukraine, the war that clarifies everything

Ukraine, the war that clarifies everything

The “big ones” reveal their true commitment in the fight against climate change.

It could happen that the war unleashed by Russia in Ukraine does not clarify any of the factors that, according to its promoter Vladimir Putin, justify the aggressive presence of the Russians in the former Soviet Socialist Republic, today free and fighting to maintain that status. Perhaps it will never be known where the borders between the Russian Federation and Ukraine begin and end, whether Donetsk and Lugansk belong to one state or another, whether Crimea remains as it is or becomes Ukrainian again, etc. As in this conflict, as in so many others, the first casualty is the truth, we may never know whether or not the Donbass wanted to be part of Russia again or to keep their current nationality.

But what we can be sure of is the extreme fragility of the commitments made by the great world leaders in the fight against climate change. The war has blown up all the protocols and agreements made in Paris, Glasgow and other meccas of environmentalism. Never have so many oaths been forgotten in such a short time. We are going to seven months of war and the setback has been fantastic, on all fronts.

WET PAPER – Apart from the truth, a victim of the first magnitude has been Russian gas. In reality, they are the European countries to which Putin has turned off the natural gas tap in retaliation against the reprisals unleashed by the West against the bellicose inhabitant of the Kremlin.

And that the “big” came very well aspected in their pompous announcements to end the use of fossil fuels to rid the world of the evil CO2. How long did it take to break those commitments? Let’s see.

France – 2017. The National Assembly approved by law to prohibit the production of oil and gas in all its territories by 2040. July 2022: The Government authorizes the reopening of the Saint-Avold coal-fired power plant with a capacity of 1,400 Mw (two Itaipu turbines) .

Denmark – 2019. The kingdom has set a date, 2040, for the complete elimination of the use of fossil fuels to produce energy. October 2022: The kingdom announces the postponement of the closure of three coal and diesel power plants. It is very cold, there is a lack of gas and the “ecological transition” to which he had committed himself in Paris can wait.

Spain – 2021. The Government of Pedro Sanchez approves a climate law in May that will put an end to the production of fossil fuels throughout its territory by 2042. August 2022: An increase of 109% is registered in the generation of electricity based on coal in only six months. There is a lack of Russian gas, the hydroelectric plants have no water, you know the hymn.

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