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Julia hits Nicaragua as a category one hurricane

Hurricane Julia is headed this Sunday to the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua with winds of 100 km/h, so it is expected to make landfall at midnight between Bluefields and Laguna de Perlas. Climate projections indicate that the phenomenon will weaken as it advances through the national territory.

Agrometeorologist Agustín Moreira, from the Observatory of Natural Phenomena (OFENA), pointed out that Julia will impact Nicaragua as a category one hurricane, which is why heavy rains are already being recorded in the areas of Karawala, Bluefields and Punta Gorda. After the impact, the phenomenon will move through El Rama, Nueva Guinea, Muelle de los Bueyes, Morrito, Matagalpa, Boaco and Chontales.

The projection also indicates that Julia will begin to weaken as it moves across the country. It is expected that this Sunday, starting at 2:00 pm, the phenomenon will be moving through the area of ​​Managua, Masaya, Granada, Rivas and the west, where it will be leaving the territory between 8:00 and 12:00. of the night.

Rainfall “is going to be quite strong,” warned Moreira. The cyclone has been moving its trajectory in the last few hours, so it could affect most of the national territory.

The National Hurricane Center (NHC) of the United States warned that the rains discharged by the fifth hurricane this season in the Atlantic can cause flooding and landslides in Central America and southern Mexico.

The track forecast from the US National Hurricane Center (NHC) indicates that after Julia crosses the territory it will move near the Nicaraguan Pacific coast and those of Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala on Sunday.

Julia will weaken to a tropical depression on Monday and dissipate later that evening. In addition to rain and wind, Julia will generate a storm surge that can raise sea level up to 1.2 meters.

on yellow alert

Daniel Ortega’s regime decreed a yellow alert throughout the national territory in the face of the advance of Hurricane Julia, which according to the National System for Disaster Prevention, Mitigation and Attention (Sinapred) will touch the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua early this Sunday. .

Julia’s path threatens some 806,444 people in Nicaragua, which has already begun to evacuate those “mostly exposed” to the impact, Sinapred reported.

The people under the threat of the natural phenomenon live mainly between the city of Bluefields and the mouth of the Coco River, in Cabo Gracias a Dios, bordering Honduras, an extensive coastal area, followed by plains and forests, which covers about 300 kilometers in front. to the Caribbean Sea.

Photo: Efe/NOA

The Nicaraguan authorities hope to have 345 temporary shelter centers available to provide shelter to 68,896 people, who live in 166,047 homes located in 205 critical points, of which 174 are susceptible to floods and 31 to landslides, according to the official information.

The Nicaraguan regime reported that in the last few hours Julia’s trajectory has shifted slightly to the south, so it would impact the Laguna de Perlas area as a category 1 hurricane.

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