UK declares red alert for heat wave for the first time

UK declares red alert for heat wave for the first time

The UK Meteorological Office (Met) issued a red alert for the first time on Friday. in England due to the heat wave that will begin this Sunday and is expected to last until next Tuesday.

Temperatures are estimated to rise above 40 degrees Celsius for the first time, so the British authorities they have asked the population to take precautions, taking into account that the country’s homes are not prepared for this heat.

This red alert, the highest warning issued by the Met for heat, is intended primarily for London and central England, while warning that high temperatures can cause train or flight cancellations.

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This “exceptional heat wave on Monday and Tuesday” can have “widespread impacts on people and infrastructure,” the Bureau of Meteorology said when issuing the alert.

Met spokesman Grahame Madge pointed to media outlets that had broadcast “a red warning for extreme heat for Monday and Tuesday, the first such warning ever issued”.

“The warning covers an area from London to Manchester and then to the Vale of York (North England). This is potentially a very serious situation,” he added.

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The Government yesterday held an emergency meeting Cobra, made up of representatives from various departments, to assess the authorities’ response to this heat wave.

Among other things, the Public Health (NHS) has been prepared to care for vulnerable people.

Temperatures are expected to exceed 38 degrees and even reach 40 degrees, something unprecedented in the UK, where most homes do not have air conditioning.

Cabinet Secretary of State Kit Malthouse told the media that the main thing is “set up” to government services and that it is essential that people take care of “the most vulnerable groups”, such as children and the elderly.

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The authorities have asked the population to maintain a high level of hydration, close the curtains at home and stay out of the sun in the middle of the day.

The Met has indicated that high temperatures respond to warm air from southern continental Europe.

That office warned in a note that the population may experience adverse health effects that will not be limited to the most vulnerable people (such as children and the elderly), but can lead to “serious illness or life-threatening”.

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