Federation of Copper Workers suspends participation in the Government table on the closing of the Ventanas Smelter

The Federation of Copper Workers (FTC) suspended its participation in the government table that discusses changes to law 19,993. The changes to the legislation are aimed at closing the Ventanas Smelter of the National Copper Corporation (Codelco), located in Quintero, due to episodes of contamination in the area.

“The National Board of Directors of the Federation of Copper Workers made the decision to suspend its participation in the table convened by the Government, with the purpose of discussing the scope of the modification to Law 19,993, which seeks to stop the Ventanas Fund from processing concentrates from small and medium-sized mining,” the FTC said in a release.

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The president of the federation, Amador Pantojaindicated to Radio Bio Bio that they do not agree with modifying the law because “the sustainability of the development of the Ventanas smelter and refinery continues to be viable.”

“If we had the will of the Government, of Codelco, to make the necessary contributions, which are 54 million dollars, we would be solving the pollution problem first,” added the leader.

Meanwhile, the president of the Codelco board, Max Pacheco, pointed out that board meetings continue to take place. In addition, he pointed out that they maintain a “fluid relationship” with union leaders of the Ventanas Foundry and with the FTC’s Board of Directors.

Let us remember that the Codelco board of directors decided on Friday, June 17, to move towards the closure of the Ventanas Smelter. Given this, the FTC began a strike on the 22nd of the same month, which ended the next day after reaching an agreement with Codelco.

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