UEFA opens investigation into problems with Champions League final tickets

UEFA opens investigation into problems with Champions League final tickets

The UEFA announced Monday the opening of an “independent investigation” into the security fiasco that accompanied the Saturday Champions League Final in the Stade de FranceAlso a controversy with political overtones.

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The European instance announced in a statement “an independent investigation into the events surrounding the Champions League final”, after having evoked Saturday at first “The thousands of fake tickets” that blocked “the turnstiles on the side of the stands reserved for Liverpool”.

UEFA promised “examine decision-making, responsibilities, and behaviorss of all parties involved in the final. “

The investigation was entrusted to an independent personality, the former Portuguese Minister of Education, Youth and Sports, Tiago Brandão Rodrigues.

On Saturday, the impossibility that all viewers with input time they could enter the stadium, the first whistle of clash between real Madrid and Liverpool was late 36 minutesbut the scenes of chaos in the surroundings of the stadium went around the world.

Avalanches, attempts to sneak individuals without tickets, fans – including children – brutalized by law enforcement or victims of robberies, “it was “absolutely awful” around the Stade de France on Saturday, told Sky News British MP Ian Byrne on site.

Some fans were only able to enter the premises once the game started, while others were unable to access Stadium 79,000 locations, according to numerous witnesses on social networks.

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Faced with criticism, which dot the image of France as the host country of the Olympic Games-2024 in Paris, the French Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, evoked this Monday a “fmassive, industrial and organized raude of false entries“From the” other side of the Channel (the channel that separates Britain from France) “.

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