UDI deputies criticize Minister Siches for ignoring information about looting in Talagante: “He resigned from leading the fight against crime”

UDI deputies criticize Minister Siches for ignoring information about looting in Talagante: "He resigned from leading the fight against crime"

Deputies of the Independent Democratic Union (UDI) criticized during this day the Minister of the Interior, Izkia Sichesfor not knowing about the looting of a supermarket that occurred last night in the commune of Talagante.

When asked about it, the head of the Interior replied that “I am going to consult, I do not have that information at this time. We have been in the heat of the mobilizations, I consult and we transmit the information”, arguing that it has been focused on the strike of truckers.

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Given these sayings, the UDI deputy, Juan Antonio Coloma expressed in emmol that “we have an Interior Minister who resigned from leading the fight against crime. It is a shame that Minister Siches says she does not know details of the looting in Talagante and that she has to ‘ask’ advisers what to do.”

“It cannot be that after twelve hours of a looting transmitted even by the media, he says that he has no record (…) we cannot continue wasting time and risk the detainees being released when they are people who did not hesitate in looting a supermarket to steal televisions and appliances to be real criminals,” he added.

For the trade union deputy, “in the face of violence one cannot hesitate, I hope complaints are filed before justice releases many or all of the looters.”

Meanwhile, his bench partner, the parliamentarian, Henry Loyalstated that “it is a shame that after more than 12 hours of violent looting in Talagante, the Minister of the Interior, who is supposed to be in charge of ensuring the safety and tranquility of all Chileans, recognizes the country that know if they will sue for this fact”.

“The minister should not even ‘consult’ if they are going to sue or not, but immediately exercise their leadership and present all the corresponding legal actions, in addition to announcing that they will persecute these criminals and vandals,” he added.

Finally, both parliamentarians urged Minister Siches to file a complaint for the “Anti-looting Law” against those responsible for the act. “We understand that the President borik and the ministers jackson Y Vallejo they voted against this law, but this does not prevent or justify that, once they are Government, they do not present the corresponding legal actions. When we are talking about looters and thieves, we have to act with the full rigor of the law,” they concluded.

Government response

The president of the Republic, Gabriel Boricdescribed the events as “unacceptable” and highlighted the actions of the Carabineros.

In the middle of the press point after the second cabinet council, the president pointed out that “for the first time there was a forceful reaction from the police force that allowed more than 40 detainees.”

In addition, he added that “what happened is absolutely unacceptable. Actions of this type cannot be normalized here and what corresponds to us as a government is to worry that the law is enforced.”

Finally, only seven of the total number of detainees went to detention control, while the rest are waiting for the court.

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