They find in Soacha a young man who had been missing for three days

They find in Soacha a young man who had been missing for three days

Cases of citizens continue to be known disappeared in Bogotá, being victims of crime, through substances to take away their will and so steal their belongings.

The outlook is bleak, as there are known cases of those who die from overdoses. Precisely, in the last hours the finding of a woman was confirmed, who she had been missing for three days in the capital of the country.

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The young woman was last seen, at dawn last Sunday, wearing blue jeans, black shoes, a white blouse and a black jacket, the day she disappeared. Nevertheless, on the afternoon of this Tuesday they found her in the municipality of Soacha. Had been scopolated, stolen and abandoned in the public thoroughfare.

Precisely, the woman was walking without being aware of what had happened. Upon confirming that it was the missing person, she was referred to a medical center.

At the moment, the woman is recovering from what happenedwhile the case is already in the hands of the authorities, who are carrying out the respective investigation to find the criminals.

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It should be remembered that in recent days the case of Felipe Mejía, a Bogotan who died of an overdose of scopolamineas well as the case of a young university student who had also disappeared and later found in the town of Santa Fe.

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