UDI conditions support for the security agreement if the Government pardons prisoners of the outbreak: “If they insist (on that idea), it will be difficult to sign”

The UDI deputy Henry Loyal conditioned the support of the party to the security agreement promoted by the President gabriel boricin the event that the President pardons the so-called prisoners of the social outbreak and installs a memorial near the Baquedano metro.

The parliamentarian’s statements come after President Boric indicated on Wednesday that “there is work in progress” regarding pardons and that he is in favor of a “non-divisive” memorial in the Baquedano subway.

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in conversation with The counterDeputy Leal commented that “incredibly, we do not understand how out of focus, the Government appears making an announcement that it is considering delivering a pardon to people who are already sentenced, not in pretrial detention, sentenced by the courts.”

“This is an own goal by the Government,” said Leal, adding that “I asked the minister (Carolina Toha), in the meeting that we had at noon, to explain to me whether or not this is going to be the case. He told me that it is an issue that was being studied, that the President had expressed it in his campaign, that it was a commitment. I asked him to clear it.”

“What I am saying to the Government is that if they insist on ratifying that they are going to pardon people convicted of serious crimes, it will be very difficult for us to sign the agreement under those conditions,” emphasized the UDI deputy.

Let us remember that Renovación Nacional (RN) also conditioned its support for the agreement. The community requested that the Government apply a State of Exception in the Northern Macrozone.

A new meeting between parliamentarians and bank leaders is set for this Friday to learn about the road map with the agreements closed and the points that remain pending in the negotiation will be reviewed.

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