GDF limits to 30,000 audience that will follow Lula's inauguration in the Planalto

GDF limits to 30,000 audience that will follow Lula’s inauguration in the Planalto

The government of the Federal District (GDF) has limited to 30 thousand the public that will be able to follow, from Praça dos Três Poderes, the rite of passage of the presidential sash at the Planalto Palace, next Sunday (1st). According to the Secretary of Public Security, Júlio Danilo Souza, people who want to enter the square must do so by 12:30 pm. If the maximum capacity happens before then, access will be closed earlier.GDF limits to 30,000 audience that will follow Lula's inauguration in the Planalto

“It will be limited to 30,000 people. This is what Praça dos Três Poderes holds safely”, explained the secretary, during a press conference today (29), at the Palácio do Buriti. He pointed out that, for safety reasons, pedestrian access to the Esplanada dos Ministérios will only be via Via N1, where search lines will be set up. The orientation is to avoid materials such as flag poles, glass bottles and liquid alcohol.

The secretary also recalled that more than 50 meetings involving Federal District and federal forces were held over the last few weeks to ensure the safety not only of authorities present at the inauguration ceremony, but also of foreign delegations and the general public. Next Sunday, the Civil Police, the Military Police and the Fire Department will be 100% ready.

Integrated Operations Center

In addition to reinforcing policing, with a forecast for the commitment of specialized troops and interventions in traffic throughout the central region of Brasília, the Integrated Operations Protocol provides for the closure of the Esplanada dos Ministérios and support for presidential security, which is under the responsibility of the Federal Police, the performance of emergency response teams and reinforcement of the staff of nearby police stations.

The entire central region of Brasília will be monitored by local security forces, using images from video surveillance cameras and drones, with information sent to the Integrated Operations Center, which will host the Strategic Management Office. The place will bring together the entire public security high command of the DF and representatives of federal security agencies.

City of Safety

To speed up the handling of incidents and the provision of services during the inauguration of President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, the so-called City of Security will be set up, located in the area of ​​the National Museum, on the Esplanada dos Ministérios.

The structure will support agents and act as a base for the security forces. There will also be a medical regulation post that will work jointly between the Mobile Emergency Care Service (Samu) and the Fire Department.

Firefighters will use the Elevated Observation Platform, with high-resolution and high-range cameras attached for better observation of the event area. The corporation will also work with vehicles to respond to occurrences involving dangerous products and care for multiple victims. In addition to Cidade da Segurança, three other medical points and pre-hospital care ambulances will be positioned along the Esplanade.


Policing will be reinforced throughout the central region of Brasilia by the Military Police. Specialized units of the corporation and Civil Police, such as shock troops, cavalry, air operations, policing with dogs and special operations, will be able to provide support, if necessary. Public buildings will also have their own security.

Military police officers will carry out personal inspections and blockades on the main roads of the Esplanada dos Ministérios and, eventually, among the public.

prohibited items

It will be prohibited to access the area of ​​the presidential inauguration ceremony carrying white weapons or sharp objects, glass bottles and cans, flag poles, barbecue skewers, laser pointer and similar, toy weapons, replicas or simulacra, tents, tents, stoves and the like, fireworks and explosive artifacts, electrical or sound shock devices (such as megaphones), flammable substances, illicit drugs or any other materials that endanger the safety of people and public property. It will not be allowed to access the area with animals, except guide dogs.

For those who intend to take a snack and water, the recommendation is to use transparent plastic packaging. The use of drones in the Esplanada region was also prohibited, except for those by the security forces and authorized by the transition team.

traffic and parking

The Esplanada dos Ministérios will be closed from 5 am tomorrow (30). The Traffic Policing Battalion and the Road Traffic Battalion, in joint action with the Traffic Department, will be responsible for organizing, blocking and flowing vehicle traffic, including parking lots.

In addition to Via N1, at dawn on Saturday (31), the N2 and S2 routes will also be closed. Only accredited vehicles may circulate on the Esplanade. Via S1 will be blocked from the east side of the Plano Piloto Bus Station. Drivers on the L2 North will not be able to access the Esplanada.

The release of the roads for the transit of vehicles will only occur after a technical evaluation, after the end of the festival and the dispersion of the public. Those who go by car to the event can park in Setor Bancário Norte, Setor de Autarquias and Setor de Diversões. The recommendation is that the public give preference to public transport, taxis and cars by apps.

Bus and Metro

The DF Mobility Secretariat will guarantee buses to the population until 4 am on January 2nd. The Metro will have extended hours on the weekend, operating on Saturday from 5:30 am to 2 am and on Sunday from 9 am to 10 pm. From that time onwards, only Central Station will be open for boarding.

pedestrian access

On January 1st, pedestrian access will only be via Via N1. Access via Via S1 or the ministries’ stairs will not be authorized.

Contrary manifestations

If there are movements against the president-elect during the period that includes security planning, this public will be directed to the Monumental Axis, at the height of the Queen of Peace Cathedral. Sound cars or electric trio will not be authorized in the Esplanada region.

Regarding the situation of demonstrators questioning the outcome of the elections and who are positioned in front of the Headquarters, in Brasília, the commander-general of the Military Police, Colonel Fábio Augusto Vieira, said that an operation to remove tents from the camp has arrived to be scheduled for this morning, but has been suspended at the request of the Army.

“The coordination of the operation belongs to the Army. We had 500 military police in condition and the Army withdrew from the operation. They opted for themselves to do the removal from the place. There was no lack of security from any server. They tried [uma ação] with the DF Legal and, when they saw that the demonstrators would be hostile, they gave up the operation because they understood that the Army would be able to carry out the operation alone”, he explained.

Police Stations

The police stations in the central region of Brasília will have their staff reinforced. In Cidade da Segurança, there will be a bus to register incidents. Those that cannot be carried out on site will be forwarded to the Specialized Police Department, located in Parque da Cidade, which will concentrate incidents involving situations related to the presidential inauguration until 7 pm on Sunday. After that time, the 5th Police Station will again take responsibility for any incidents.


Follow-up, escorts and mobile and fixed security of authorities will be carried out by the Federal Police, which will also be responsible for carrying out inspections and anti-bomb countermeasures. The corporation’s special operations staff will work in conjunction with the Military Police if necessary. The Federal Highway Police will coordinate, together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the escort of heads of state who will participate in the inauguration of the new president.

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