UCV students vote this #25May to elect their student representation

UCV students vote this #25May to elect their student representation

The organizers of the UCV elections expect a quorum of at least 4,000 students and it is estimated that the results will be given at night

Despite the recommendations of the Electoral Commission of the Central University of Venezuela (UCV) to postpone the election of student representation, the elections were heldcarried out as stated by the university counselor and current candidate for the presidency of the Federation of University Centers of that house of studies, Jesús Mendoza.

For Mendoza, a dentistry student, going to vote at the UCV during the day represents the “moment to make the dream university a reality” and asserted that with this action the campus spaces are being recovered, which have been lonely for more than two years of pandemic.

“Today we confirm that the Central University of Venezuela is a plural, free, democratic campus (…) Today the Central University of Venezuela is an example for Venezuela because we are telling ourselves, we are having a totally democratic process,” Mendoza stressed.

He indicated that until 11:00 am the process was carried out normally and stated that some tables opened late, but stated that they are already fully operational. In addition, he commented that the participation of at least 4,000 ucevistas is expected in the elections to choose the Federation of University Centers, the 47 student centers, as well as the councils of the 11 faculties, the school councils and the university council of this soul. mater.

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He pointed out that the tables will be open until approximately 6:00 pm and that the UCV students who want to vote should only present their identity card or identity card at the assigned tables to exercise their right in a simple way.

In the same order of ideas, the student leader added that any ucevista can participate in the elections that will last until 6:00 in the afternoon. He explained that they only need to have their card or identity card to join what he described as a very simple election.

Sebastián Horesok, who also aspires to the presidency of the FCU-UCV, stressed that electoral participation “has been very good” and emphasized that for them it is important that students participate and vote. He commented that so far they cannot give estimates of how much participation is.

He explained that in faculties such as Medicine, Faces, Legal Sciences, Engineering there have been a large number of people. He stated that the results of the elections will be known at night, according to statements collected by Counterpoint.

For his part, the candidate for the Council of the Faculty of Humanities and Education, Luis Morillo, commented to Globovisión that the election day at the UCV has been “busy” and that “many expectations have been exceeded” due to everything that has happened. meaning the pandemic and presence on campus.

Several accounts on Twitter reflect that the UCV elections are recorded calmly without incident, as usually happens in this type of event. In several photos you can see a large group of students in each of their faculties waiting to vote.

However, in places like Architecture and Sciences there is not much influx of people. The election also takes place outside the walls. Election day is also held at the UCV School of Nursing.

Meanwhile, they denounce the presence of men on motorcycles inside that university.

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