Fernando Pereira en la Universidad de Montevideo. Foto: Twitter / UM

Fernando Pereira gave a talk at the University of Montevideo. social media exploded

Fernando Pereira at the University of Montevideo.  Photo: Twitter/UM
Fernando Pereira at the University of Montevideo. Photo: Twitter/UM

The president of the Broad Front, Fernando Pereira, was invited by the University of Montevideo to give a talk on politics from his position at the head of the leftist political force.

“#TODAY the president of the @Frente_Amplio, Fernando Pereira, gave a talk on national politics to the first-year students of the Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics of the UM, within the framework of the Current Seminars subject. Thank you very much for come!” the university wrote on its Twitter account, along with two photographs in which Pereira is seen speaking and then posing with the students.

The presence of the leftist leader, who was president of the PIT-CNT for years, generated criticism from several young people, many of whom define themselves in their profiles.

“Can you imagine paying more than $40,000 per month and being taken to PEREIRA to give a talk??? not even in my worst nightmare”, said the tweeter @Igbaccaro, who is related to the National Party and the 404 list, the one that led Luis Lacalle Pou to the presidency. “Not even in your worst nightmare, imagine that you could learn something about politics from the mouth of the president of the largest political party in the country,” replied @NoelRevello1. “And of course, that’s what the career is about, studying politics,” was the response of another user of the network who identifies himself as Oscar Fernández.

“Pereira is a politician, president of the largest political force in Uruguay, they invite him to give a talk on politics in a class that deals with Politics. Who do you want them to take? To Pettinati?”, ironically @fa13ro.

Regarding this same talk by Pereira, another young white voter, Lautaro Velázquez (@lautavelaZzquez), asked: “This is humiliating for education and for the university. What is Fernando Pereira supposed to contribute there? What is his goal other than to indoctrinate? To this @NanyMarisolFA replied: “Lautaro one learns from those who know. No one can indoctrinate you if you’re smart.”

“(A Fernando Pereira) Experience qualifies him, both in union militancy and in Politics, experience in negotiation, among other things, and experience is not studied at any university,” was the tweet from @fijateaver.

“The day Lautaro finds out that Marx, Lenin, Capital, the Communist Manifesto, the Revolution of Roses and Bread, etc., are studied in the main universities of the world (including the US), he will die”, added @JorgeAndrésBusi.

“What does Fernando Pereira know about national politics? Until 3 days ago he was a trade unionist. He now president of the FA. Does that make him political? And what studies does he have to teach? Because he was a primary school elevator operator and in more than 20 years he did not go to work. Are those your credentials? Shameful, ”said Marianella Valentín, who in the description of her Twitter account defines herself as“ white by tradition and conviction ”, and something similar she asked her @ Bea15151515. “Anyone can give a talk regardless of their titles, don’t worry anyway, if you don’t know what a university is like inside,” she replied @Zaladios.

Nancy Costa added that Fernando Pereira “is the president of the largest political force in the country, which governed alone in the last 15 years, which is the architect of the achievements with which Azucena (Arbeleche) and the president (Lacalle Pou) They go abroad.”

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