Two years ago Jorge Yunda was elected mayor of Quito

On March 25, 2019, the now former mayor gave his first statements. What events marked his almost two years in the Mayor’s Office?

On March 24, 2019, Quito had a new Mayor. It was about Jorge Homero Yunda Machadothat with him 20% of the electoral roll Paco Moncayo and Luisa Maldonado were imposed, who remained as favorites.

«We have not opted for this candidacy to locate friends, relatives, compadres or comadres. But to surround yourself with qualified people », he said in his first speech after the results, Jorge Yundaon March 25, 2019. That day, he also promised that Quito It would be a safer city. He also promised that garbage management would be dealt with in a technical way.

Jorge Yunda He worked in technical tables together with the Ministry of Government to combat insecurity. The levels were reduced in 2020, but the National Police highlights that it was due to confinement due to the pandemic. While in the management of garbage, during his management the El Inga landfill was declared in emergency and Marianella Irigoyen, Secretary of the Environment for five months during the management of Yunda, He denounced acts of corruption in this matter.

This was not the only complaint corruption in cabinet Yunda.

Controversies and lawsuits

Jorge Yunda He said more than once that no authority was prepared to experience a pandemic. And he is right. The coronavirus changed all work dynamics. In April 2020, the popularity of the then Mayor It rose like foam when it managed to import 100,000 tests for the detection of COVID-19. What’s more, Quito It was not the epicenter of the pandemic, nor did it experience what Guayaquil did.

Over time, the image of Yunda deteriorated because the offer to make 1,500 daily PCR tests were not met. In June, Quito it became the city with the most infections and it was denounced that the tests acquired were not PCR, but Lamp, and that the costs could represent damage to the city.

This case led to Jorge Yunda and 13 others on trial. However, 16 days after the trial began, a recusal appeal from the defense of Yunda managed to stop it for five months.

The first removed mayor

On June 3, 2021, the Metropolitan Council removed Jorge Yunda of your charge. This began months of political instability in the Mayor’s Office, since in August Yunda he returned to his position with a protection action (whose legality was questioned). And, finally, in September he left the position that Santiago Guarderas occupies today.

‘Baby’ Yunda and her escape

sebastian yundason of Jorge Yundais found in Argentinain the middle of a extradition process after being arrested in that country, by Interpol, on December 1, 2021.

The Prosecutor accused sebastian yunda and the other seven linked (only four of them called to trial) “weaved a criminal network that, taking advantage of his kinship with the mayor of Quito (Jorge Yunda) sought to benefit economically.”

Mónica Tirado, prosecutor of the case, detailed, on September 21, 2021, that this network was evidenced in chats obtained from an expert opinion carried out on the telephone of sebastian yunda.


Quito has 1.9 million voters


During Jorge Yunda’s administration, they closed 200 Bus Centers

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