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Two years after the crime of Julieta Riera, they will review the life sentence for her ex-partner

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Two years after the crime of Julieta Riera, they will review the life sentence for her ex-partner

The victim: Julieta Riera.

The Chamber of Cassation of Entre Ríos will review from this Tuesday the ruling that sentenced the son of a former judge to life imprisonment for the femicide of Julieta Rierawho in April 2020 and just beginning the isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic, was beaten and thrown from the eighth floor of a building in the center of the city of Paraná.

The hearing, which will take place in the Oyhampé Hall of the Courts of Paraná, was requested by the previous defense attorneys of the convicted Jorge Julian Christe (32).

His current lawyer, Mariana Barbitta, had to register in the province to be his legal representative, at the request of the defendant’s mother, the former Civil and Commercial Judge of Paraná Ana María Stagnaro.

Your new advocate explained to the press that He will seek to show that it was “an accident” and that the sentence is “unjust”.

The lawyer will request the annulment of the sentence for finding, according to what she said, “errors in the evaluation of the evidence, inequality of weapons, impartiality of the popular jury, and absence of evidence” that incriminate him, among other situations.

The case

On April 30, 2020, the young woman fell from the balcony of apartment 5 on the eighth floor of the building at 918 San Martín Street, between 2:20 and 2:50.

One year after the event, in April 2021, Christe was sentenced to life imprisonment after being found guilty by a popular jury of the crime of “homicide triply aggravated by the bond, treachery and for having been committed mediating gender violence”.

Julieta, who was studying to finish high school and had a minor son, had more than 31 injuries, bruises, hemorrhages and abrasions on her face, neck, arms and legs, and some, mainly in the neck area, were prior to the fall.

The prosecutor in the case, Ignacio Aramberry, explained to Télam that more than 10 people, including the girl’s family and friends, said at the trial that “They knew that the relationship was characterized by gender-based violence.”

Christe “took her individuality out of her, manipulated her and generated depression, isolation and loss of individuality; isolated her from the world, until she deprived her of life,” the prosecutor said.

For this reason, he described him as “a violent male who fiercely attacked his girlfriend, grabbing her by the neck, squeezing her and killing her by throwing her off the balcony” and who after “killing her ran away, turned to his mother, who solved his problems, and wanted contact a lawyer before going to emergencies”.

One of the highlights of the trial was when the messages that the victim sent to the defendant’s mother in January 2020, three months before she was murdered, were revealed.

“Your son scares me, he takes a little and hits me. He goes crazy, I love him but I can’t do that,” Riera told Christe’s mother in a message in the early hours of January 1, 2020.

Carlos Berón, head of Police Escopometry in Entre Ríos, who was in charge of observing, measuring and analyzing the young woman’s fall, also confirmed in the trial that Christe’s hypothesis was “absolutely impossible”, which “opposes with the data, indications and analysis” carried out.

He remarked that the young woman “fell plumb, she did not try and could not grab onto something on the way to the fall” and that her body “did not take the dirt that was clearly on the railing”, so Julieta “was not sitting or walking on it”, as Christe justified.

In addition, the railing was “above Juliet’s center of gravity,” which also gave “her body balance and stability” while on the balcony.

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