Two Venezuelan sisters were beaten at a Texas school

Two Venezuelan sisters were beaten at a Texas school

Two Venezuelan sisters were apparently brutally beaten by four other students at Austin High School in Texas, United States.

Beverly Puente, mother of the Venezuelans, denounced the aggression that her two daughters received in Texas through a prominent story, published on her Instagram account @beby2905 with the message “Today it was my daughters. Tomorrow they can be yours! No more violence.”

“As a Venezuelan mother I feel very affected, I feel pain, indignation, and above all a lot of impotence. I cannot remain silent in the face of such an act of cruelty,” the Venezuelan mother wrote.

He also made an alert call in the face of situations like these that take place in spaces that “are supposed to be a safe place for our children. It is imperative to put a stop to aggression, enough of bullying, of hate.

The video that shows the moment in which the Venezuelan sisters were attacked went viral on social networks and also aroused outrage among users, who joined the complaint and sent messages of solidarity to Beverly.

According to mother of the victims, the event occurred on September 16 and apparently the other young women who beat up the Venezuelan sisters do not study with them, which is why Beverly considers that there are no reasons to commit such attacks.

So far, the US authorities have not responded to the complaint, as on other occasions where Venezuelan parents have spoken out against this type of situation in US educational institutions.

A similar case of violence against Venezuelan students in the United States was denounced this Wednesday on social networks.

Is about Luis Manuel a 13-year-old teenager, who was apparently beaten by another student for speaking Spanish at a Florida school in the United States.

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