Monsignor Ojea and the CGT agreed that education "should be a state policy"

Monsignor Ojea and the CGT agreed that education "should be a state policy"

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The secretary of Educational Policies of the CGT and head of the Argentine Teachers’ Union (UDA), Sergio Romero; and the president of the Argentine Episcopal Conference (CEA), Monsignor Oscar Ojea; they coincided in pointing out that “education must be assumed as a State policy”.

Romero and Ojea met for several hours and analyzed the situation of the Argentine educational system, after which they agreed to point out that “education must be assumed as a State policy,” according to the unionist in a document.

There is an urgent need for Argentine education to be developed as a State policy to guarantee the country’s progress at the social and economic, ethical and moral levels,” said the union leader, and pointed out that “it is necessary to invest and improve educational quality as a primary and indispensable factor for each citizen to be educated and integrated into a society that has to offer greater possibilities, equality and equity”.

Romero added that in this way the Argentine citizen will be able to join the world of work to be “a more qualified worker, a more competent professional and a more efficient official when making decisions that affect people’s lives,” because “without education there is no way out of the situation of poverty”.

Romero and Ojea also analyzed -according to the unionist- issues related to school promotion and the situation of repetition, and highlighted “the percentage of students who drop out of school early or finish school late.”

They also agreed to express their “concern” for the lack of positive appreciation of teaching in society, and they emphasized that in reality “the teaching task should be the most prestigious, best paid and most protected in a community”.

“The importance that politics gives to education and teaching is reflected in the economic and social state of Argentina. In the educational aspect, the opinion of the Church is fundamental, because it is necessary to maintain a view from a profoundly humanistic doctrine with a social vision in accordance with the needs”, he concluded.

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