Two union leaders arrested for supplying weapons to a criminal group

Two union leaders arrested for supplying weapons to a criminal group

Two union leaders from the state of Sucre were captured because they allegedly provided weapons and ammunition to criminal groups operating in that eastern entity, according to military sources.

The arrests occurred as part of Operation Cacique Cayaurima, launched by the Strategic Operational Command of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (Ceofanb) to capture members of irregular groups and common underworld, among others.

In this case, the procedure was carried out by agents of the National Anti-Extortion and Kidnapping Command (Conas) in the vicinity of the town of Güiria, Sucre.

The captured trade unionists are: Luis Isidro Acosta Bernal, leader of the Bolivarian Autonomous Workers’ Union of the Construction, Wood and Allied Industries of Sucre state and Juan Gabriel Ruiz Caldea, secretary of the aforementioned union.

Along with them, Kenny Manuel San Vicente, Héctor José San Vicente and Adrián Erineo Marín Figuera, Abel Josué Rodríguez Montaño and Carlos Miguel Izquierdo González were also captured.

These people are members of the criminal organization El Guasón. The detainees were in charge of supplying the leaders of the group with ammunition, firearms and information on police operations, according to investigations.

They were also dedicated to the collection of bolivars and foreign currency from merchants, producers and businessmen of the aforementioned municipality of Sucre.

During the capture of the subjects, four motorcycles and a Chery Arauca were seized. They also seized 78 7.62x51mm caliber cartridges for rifles; thirty 9mm cartridges and a used container of AT-4 antitank weapon, caliber 84mm.

Also in the municipality of Valdez (Güiria) but in the town of Yoco, the military retained 1,500 7.62X39mm caliber cartridges, hidden in the rear doors and under the carpet of a Ford Fiesta.

The driver of the vehicle was taken into custody and registered as Eduardo Antonio Marín Valdelomar, who will be prosecuted for illicit possession of war material.

And in the Alí Primera sector, Sotillo municipality (Barrancas del Orinoco), Monagas, Conas officials arrested four members of the criminal group El Sindicato de Barrancas, identified as Elvin Antonio Bermúdez Vásquez, José Carlos Flores Sierra and José Enrique Medrano Campos, according to the report of Operation Cacique Paramaconi.

The subjects seized a 16 shotgun, a 9 mm caliber non-industrialized firearm and 49 cartridges, 39 of them destined for rifles, says the report.

These subjects will be charged for criminal association, terrorism, illicit possession of a firearm and illicit possession of war material.

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