Two sisters become pregnant after being raped by their cousins ​​in Buena Vista

Two sisters become pregnant after being raped by their cousins ​​in Buena Vista

The victims are 11 and 13 years old and would be 20 and 19 weeks old. gestation, respectively. The two aggressors, aged 19 and 16, are her cousins ​​and both would have attacked the little girls for several months, taking advantage of the fact that their parents went out to work in the fields.

The abuses occurred inside the victims’ home, in the Pozo Azul community, in the municipality of Buenavista and was denounced by the father of the minors before the Ombudsman of Childhood and Adolescence, after his 11-year-old daughter told him what happened.

“The two brothers attacked the two little sisters, who would be their cousins. It was the 11-year-old girl who stated that her sister was also a victim of aggression by his cousin older than 19 yearswhich was later confirmed, in addition to the pregnancy of the minor “, Reported the prosecutor Julio César Bustos.

The representative of the Public Ministry indicated that the precautionary hearing of both subjects was held over the weekend and the jurisdictional authority determined their preventive detentions. The 19-year-old was referred to the Montero prison and his brother of 16, to Cenvicruz.

While the two victims are receiving medical attention for her pregnancy and are evaluated by the psychologists of the Buena Vista Ombudsman.

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