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Two pit bulls destroy a baby and his sister in front of their mother

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The family had the pets for eight years and they had never attacked anyone.

In Tennessee, United States, Two pitbull family pets unleashed the worst tragedy by killing a baby, his little sister and sending their mother to the hospital.

The woman, Kristie Jane Bennard30, is in stable condition with “hundreds of stitches and bite marks all over his body” after trying to intervene when his two pit bulls killed his children in Shelby County last Thursday.

Krietie Jane Bennard, her husband Colby and their two children Hollace Dean and Lilly Jane, in one of the last photos together before the deadly attack.

Bennard was seriously injured by the dogs when she tried to take them from her five-month-old son, Hollace Dean, and her 2-year-old daughter, Lilly Janein the garden of his house.

both children were pronounced dead at the sceneaccording to a Twitter post by the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office.

Bennard’s condition is reportedly stable, but the mother has a “countless number of stitches and bite marks all over her body, including her face,” she wrote. Jeff Gibsonhusband Colby Bennard’s uncle, on Facebook.

Cheech and Mia, the pets that unleashed the tragedy, had lived in the Bennard house for eight years.

While details of how the attack unfolded and why pets became aggressive remain unclear, the tragic incident reportedly lasted about 10 minutes, according to Gibson.

Gibson also said that “Bennard’s arms and legs They are completely sold out.”

The family member also wrote, “So far there seems to be no permanent damage other than a heart that will never heal”.

Five-month-old Hollace Dean and her two-year-old sister Lilly Jane were killed at their home by their pets, two pit bulls the family had owned for eight years.

The pets, Cheech and Mia, were part of the family for more than eight years without any violent incidents, he said. Kelsey CanfieldBennard’s best friend, to Fox News Digital.

However, after the deadly attack, the authorities and what was left of the family they decided to sacrifice them.

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