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Two mothers arrested for infanticide

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Two mothers arrested for infanticide

Two women in their twenties were detained by the Cicpc after it was detected that they proceeded to kill their respective newborn children, according to reports.

One of the detainees is identified as Johana Danexi Zambrano Castro, 23 years old, who gave birth to a girl who was found in her residence with no vital signs. Her body was wrapped in a sheet and put inside a washing machine, according to the report of the cicpc posted on his Instagram.

The woman lives in Petare and went to the Domingo Luciani hospital with bleeding, but denied having given birth. That first statement was the one that triggered the alarms of the medical personnel, who notified the Cicpc what had happened. The baby was born alive, but died of asphyxiation, according to the autopsy.


And in a house in Vista al Sol, La Cañada de Urdaneta (Zulia), Cicpc agents found a female fetus inside a bucket. Yaina Paola Barroso Castro (29), mother of the child, was arrested.

The entrance Two mothers arrested for infanticide was first published in Last News.

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