Two MININT officers linked to the operation in Caimanera are included in the list of violent repressors

MIAMI, United States. — Two officials from the Ministry of the Interior (MININT) who participated in the repressive operation deployed on May 6 against peaceful protesters in Caimanera were included in the list of violent repressors drawn up by the Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba (FDHC).

The new additions are Colonel Edel Alfaro JimenezMININT provincial delegate in Guantanamo, and Lieutenant Colonel Yordan Almaguer Machucahead of the political body of that body in the province.

The FDHC recalled in a statement that members of the MININT Special Brigade, also known as Black Berets, repressed the locals who spontaneously took to the streets shouting “Freedom” and “Homeland and Life” and demanding decent food.

The two MININT officers included in the FDHC’s list of violent repressors would have committed internationally condemned crimes such as persecution for political reasons and advice-participation in repression.

Victoria Martinez Valdiviamother of Felipe Octavio Correa Martínez and Luis Miguel Alarcón Martínez, two of the demonstrators attacked denounced CubaNet that Luis Miguel received “a kick to the head” and that he did not know if he was alive or dead.

The woman, who witnessed what happened, recounted that when her brother Felipe, who suffers from mental disorders, came to the aid of Luis Miguel “they beat him wherever he wanted.”

Caridad Alarcón Martínez, Victoria’s daughter, “got cookies” when she tried to prevent them from continuing to attack Felipe.

Zoralia Matos Paján, mother of Yandris Pelier Matos, another of the presumed detainees, had gone with a neighbor to look for their son who was facing the repressors. Just at that moment the Black Berets “hit him with batons and broke his head.”

When the interviewees were asked what had been the reason for the protest, they assured that it was the hunger they are going through.

The Cubalex organization, which offers legal advice to victims of repression in Cuba, has declared the three mentioned and two other protesters, the Rodi brothers and Daniel Álvarez González, in Forced Disappearance.

The Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba called on international public opinion, human rights organizations and democratic nations “to demand the freedom of the detainees, and to denounce and put a stop to the brutality of the Castro dictatorship against a defenseless people.” who takes to the streets because he can no longer bear the oppression, hunger and deprivation to which an intolerant and abusive regime has subjected him”.

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