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Five countries once again request that the situation of Nicaragua be evaluated in the OAS

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"Ortega must be forced" to comply with the OAS resolution, says expert

The Permanent Mission of Canada, to the Organization of American States (OAS), requested that the situation in Nicaragua be included on the agenda of the 53rd regular session of the General Assembly, scheduled for the fourth week of June, in Washington, United States. Joined.

The request is supported by the permanent missions of Antigua & Barbuda, Chile, Costa Rica and the United States, who have repeatedly demanded an end to the repression by the regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo.

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“The Permanent Mission of Canada to the Organization of American States presents its compliments to the Chairman of the Preparatory Committee of the Organization of American States (…) and requests the inclusion of the following item on the draft agenda for the 53rd Regular Session (… ) The Situation in Nicaragua”, indicates the document dated May 4.

In the same letter, the Government of the United States said that it would take “the opportunity to renew to the president of the Preparatory Commission of the Organization of American States the testimony of its highest consideration.”

Canada requests the OAS to address the situation in Nicaragua in the June session

For his part, the former Nicaraguan ambassador to the OAS, Arturo McFields, said that this would be the last opportunity to address the issue of Nicaragua in a general assembly of the continental organization.

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“It must be remembered that in the month of November of this year Nicaragua’s withdrawal from the OAS became effective because the two-year term expired and now one of the last efforts is being made to put the issue of the country in a high-level meeting that is the General Assembly (…)”, he stressed.

He also considered that the request to border on the issue of Nicaragua will be approved “without any problem”, what he could not ensure is that something else will be achieved at said meeting. “I think the most important thing is to continue fighting for the issue of Nicaragua and to continue raising your voice so that the world knows about the crimes and abuses of the dictatorship.”

OAS condemns repression in Nicaragua

Since 2018, the OAS has demanded that the Ortega regime respect human rights and cease the repression against Nicaraguans, which led Ortega to attack the organization, denouncing, on November 19, 2021, the Organization’s letter and made the decision to leave, after describing it as meddling.

Despite the fact that in six months it will be two years for Nicaragua to officially be left out of the OAS, member countries of the organization and the international community continue to demand that the Nicaraguan dictatorship be pressured to stop the harassment against Nicaraguans.

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