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Two merchants were murdered in Lebrija, Santander

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Two merchants from Lebrija, in Santander, were murdered in a parking lot in the center of this municipality near the main park. According to what was investigated by the local authorities, the events occurred at the time subjects cornered them to steal a large amount of money from one of these people.

The deceased were identified as Juan Pablo Bello Gomez, who presented two shots in the thorax, and Antonio Maria Pinilla Gomez who sustained a facial injury when shot at and instantly died.

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The Bucaramanga Metropolitan Police cordoned off the place and captured those responsible for this fact, who were identified as Jeison Johan Gomez Saavedra, who presented an injury in the lumbar region and was carrying a 38-caliber firearm, and Deiver Alexander Soto Torres alias Pezuña 20-year-old whose motorcycle was immobilized when he tried to flee the scene.

One of those captured received clinical care in Bucaramanga and was later prosecuted, as well as the driver of the motorcycle in which the criminals were mobilized.

“According to investigations, these subjects intended to steal a sum of money from the merchants, an action that led to an exchange of shots. The victims were taken to the Lebrija Hospital where they died,” said the Police.

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The moment in which one of the merchants was injured and went out to the street to ask for help was recorded on video. just at that moment a police patrol was passing by and the persecution of those responsible for the homicide began.

People from the sector and Police They ran to help the wounded but it was impossible to save them due to the severity of the injuries.

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The Municipal Council forcefully rejected these acts of violence well initially They were recognized merchants from Lebrija, and everything happened in a fairly crowded area by population. Greater authority was requested in the downtown area and carry out searches to prevent acts like this.

Lebrija is a municipality near the Palonegro International Airport, a situation that worries merchants since they receive constant visits from tourists, especially on days close to the weekend.

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