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Two men from Rocha and Rivera were convicted of sexual abuse

In the last few hours, different national courts have sentenced two men living in Rivera and Rocha, respectively, for committing acts of sexual abuse against two minors with whom they had a family bond.

In one of the cases, the Rivera Justice sentenced a 48-year-old man after it was proven that he sexually abused his 11-year-old daughter.

After his arrest and control before the prosecution, this decided to impute the subject for the fact. After completing the judicial instance, the man was accused as the criminally responsible author of two crimes of sexual abuse aggravated by the ascendant condition of the victim and for being under 18 years of age, under a real reiteration regime.

According to the Rivera Police Headquarters, Justice found the subject guilty of this crime. Consequently, he issued a conviction against him and imposed an effective six-year prison sentence.

He sexually abused his stepdaughter

The other conviction was issued by the Justice of Rocha and was against a 45-year-old man, who sexually abused his ex-partner’s nine-year-old daughter.

The fact transpired in 2020, when the girl told her relatives that the now convicted abused, but her mother did not believe her. However, when carrying out tests on the minor, the authorities verified that there was abuse, for which the Justice issued several restrictive measures and withdrew custody from her mother, due to omission of the duties related to parental authority.

Finally, after carrying out the oral trial, the man was sentenced to nine years in prison. This sentence corresponded to his responsibility in the commission of repeated crimes of especially aggravated sexual abuse.

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