Two juniors from El Semillero won a place to travel to Spain and try out at Club Levante

Two juniors from El Semillero won a place to travel to Spain and try out at Club Levante

January 11, 2023, 1:31 PM

January 11, 2023, 1:31 PM

Two talents from El Semillero will leave for Spain to continue developing and find their space within Club Levante. Thousands of players went through a sports project that gave them the opportunity to be part of an important club in Spain, and two from the Santa Cruz club were selected.

Matías Rivero and Santiago Justiniano are players who passed through El Semillero. ANDThese were in a program that selected them to go to Spanish football and have more opportunities to grow in the sport. Both will go on a trial period to the Levante club in Spain.

Salvador Gargallo, Sports Manager of the club, and the two winning players of the program spoke at the show “En Busca del Sueño” (organizers of this sports program), and they mentioned what they still need to learn, what they will leave behind in Bolivia, and all the sacrifice they need to make to be professionals.

Gargallo began by mentioning that Matías and Santiago “They showed a plus to the others, not so much technically, but they were superior in intensity, concentration, which is a lack in Bolivia. We need players who are intense for 90 minutes, and they showed that.”

He also pointed out that “a reality check awaits these guys, something very different from what they have experienced. More disciplinary concepts, a very different tactical disposition than here. They lack the tactical readiness and tactical discipline. They get lost a lot during the game, and it’s common to all Bolivian players.”

Who are the winners of El Semillero?

– James Justinian: 15 year old midfielder. “I played in my neighborhood, I started at 9 years old and I came to Equipegol, then I went to El Semillero (…) My family told me that they are proud of me and to go do what I like, to fulfill my dream” he pointed out sheepishly.

– Matias Rivero: Midfielder, as he called himself, 14 years old. “I tried myself as a center back but I’m more attacking. I learned football by watching my father play. I imagine that the training sessions at Levante are going to be very tough, stronger, you have to push hard. I think it’s going to be hard for me to leave my family”, also indicated the young attacker.

En Busca del Sueño, as its name says, gave these young people the chance to try themselves in Spain. It will depend on his mental strength and ability to extend his stay and establish himself at Club Levante.

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