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Two injured in Holguín after collision between a motorcycle and a Geely car

HOLGUIN, Cuba. — “I whistled twice, damn it,” says the driver of an electric motorcycle, who hit the hood of the car that just hit him with a helmet after not respecting the stop sign.

The scene of the accident, which occurred at the intersection of Coliseo and Máximo Gómez streets, in the city of Holguín, was filled with onlookers who felt the strong impact.

The motorcyclist, who suffered an injury to one of his legs, was traveling with a woman who did not have the same luck, as she was left sitting on the pavement and was unable to stand up on her own.

The driver of the car helps her and tells her that he did not see them. “I whistled twice and you were looking the other way,” the motorist responded angrily.

The driver stops and gets into the car. “Don’t move the car. You have to leave it there until the police arrive,” a man riding a bicycle yelled at him.

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Between the motorcyclist and the reckless driver, they loaded the beaten woman and put her in a car that took the victims to the Lucía Íñiguez Clinical Surgical Hospital.

The electric motorcycle was left lying on the street and the white car with dents and scratches on its right side was very close. Meanwhile, the number of curious people who arrived at the place continued to increase.

Accidents have become frequent on that corner due to drivers’ disrespect for the traffic signal on Coliseo Street.

“It is the third accident of the week on this corner,” commented a man, who assured this newspaper that in the two previous accidents there were regrettable deaths.

“The irruption on the road of just over 100,000 motorcycles and mopeds, together with the indiscipline of their drivers, has contributed to the fact that these means are present in 43% of accidents, 28% of deaths and 21% of the injured, registering growth compared to 2021 of 29% of accidents and 34% of victims,” the newspaper reported. workers.

The official Cuban media details that between the months of January and October 2022, the Cuban authorities recorded a total of 8,187 traffic accidents on the island, which caused the death of 566 people and injured another 6,175.

On several occasions, Cubans have denounced that among the main causes of traffic accidents in Cuba are the poor state of the roads and the aging vehicle fleet, in addition to those cited by the official media, such as the lack of attention from drivers, violation of the right of way and speeding.

According to official figures, in Holguín the rate of traffic accidents has increased. The statistics reflect two daily accidents, one death every four days and two people injured daily, explained Manuel Leyva González, secretary of the Provincial Road Safety Commission in the province.

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