TV Brasil takes third place at the II Geneton Moraes Neto Award

TV Brasil takes third place at the II Geneton Moraes Neto Award

The program by Caminhos da Reportagem, from TV Brazil, won third place in the videojournalism category of the II Geneton Moraes Neto Journalism Award. The award-winning episode is called “Um Brazil without basics”, with a report by Ana Graziela Aguiar, and shows the problems and solutions for basic sanitation in the country. TV Brasil takes third place at the II Geneton Moraes Neto Award

At the end of November, the Judging Committee of the II Geneton Moraes Neto Journalism Award concluded the analysis of the 24 journalistic works entered in the competition, 13 in the videojournalism category and 11 in the journalistic text category.

According to Ana Graziela Aguiar, the team that worked on the production is extremely happy, as this is the second consecutive time they have won the Award, and also for the recognition on a topic.

The program’s reporting team visited the states of Pará, Amapá, Federal District, Alagoas and São Paulo to portray the different realities of basic sanitation in the country. The episode shows that the lack of basic sanitation can bring a series of diseases and cause various impacts on the environment.

“It was rewarding to walk through several states in Brazil and show what the reality of water and sewage treatment is like and that, in a country permeated by so many rivers, it is essential to talk about basic sanitation, which is a human right”, added Ana Graziela.

Watch the award-winning program:

the award

The Joaquim Nabuco Foundation (Fundaj), linked to the Ministry of Education, instituted the second edition of the Geneton de Moraes Neto Journalism Award considering the relevant role played by the Pernambuco journalist in the exercise of the profession and the appreciation of the professional work of reporters and technicians who act on television.

The Award is designed to select and reward the six best journalistic articles published in Brazil in 2018, aiming to value and exalt quality journalistic work.

Reporting Paths

Telling great stories, with a different, thought-provoking and complete vision. This is the mission of the Reporting Paths, one of the most traditional journalistic programs on TV Brasil.

Health, economy, behavior, education, environment, safety, service provision, culture and many other topics are addressed in a unique way, bringing content of interest to society. All this with regional diversity on the agenda and teams in Brasília, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

The thorough and well-executed work is recognized in the journalistic circle. In the last ten years, the Reporting Paths it has accumulated nearly 60 awards and 25 nominations in important national and international excellence awards such as the ICRC International Humanitarian Coverage Award (International Committee of the Red Cross), the CNBB Communication Award, Bradesco Seguros Longevity Award, Synapsis Journalism Award and Award TAL – Televisión America Latina, among others.

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