TV Brasil premieres second season of Buscando Buskers

TV Brasil premieres second season of Buscando Buskers

Shown weekly on TV Brazilthe documentary series looking for buskers premieres its second season this Saturday (20), at 10:45 pm. The production presents the lives of virtuous musicians, lyricists and singers who have quality authorial work and, of their own accord, perform in the streets and squares of Brazilian cities.TV Brasil premieres second season of Buscando Buskers

Through reports of experiences and curious stories, the second wave of episodes of the program highlights the work of Lilian Jardim, Teko Porã, Jáli Kiárit, Kick Bucket, Làmppi, O Grande Grupo Viajante and Elzo Henschell. The series reveals the life trajectory of each artist, their work, thoughts, opinions, anxieties, rewards, in addition to the difficulties faced in this lifestyle.

In seven episodes, the new season shows that, in addition to being able to obtain instant responses from the acceptance of their works by the public, these artists earn their “cachês” with dignity, through spontaneous donations from passers-by. His lyrics and compositions portray anguish, joys, opinions and thoughts about the contemporary world.

Also known by the English term buskers, street performers have been around for a long time. Since the first artistic manifestations appeared, centuries ago, the street has always been the main stage for acrobats, actors, troubadours, singers.

Documentaries reveal how buskers produce the true soundtrack of cities live. The objective is to deconstruct prejudices about these street musicians, often trained lawyers, university students and intellectuals, people who have traveled the world.

They are people who are not on the margins of society; on the contrary, they chose to make the street their natural habitat. The debate brought by the series is exactly about the mismatch between public opinion and the reality of these artists.

looking for buskers

The production presents the lives of virtuoso musicians, lyricists and singers who have quality authorial work – TV Brazil

premiere episode

In the premiere of the second season, the production shown by TV Brazil highlights the work of singer, songwriter, performer and sound designer Lilian Jardim. Driven by her passion for music, Lilian abandoned her career as a lawyer to present her art on the streets of São Paulo.

With almost twenty years of career, he has shared the stage with great names of Brazilian music, such as Daniel, Roupa Nova, Margareth Menezes, Nasi, among others. Lilian transforms her daily struggles and life experiences into songs, while breaking taboos and conquering an increasingly competitive space in the independent music industry.

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looking for buskers – Premiere season two – Saturday, 08/20, at 10:45 pm, on TV Brazil

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