Empleados TSE ingresarán Carrera Administrativa

TSE employees will enter Administrative Career

Santo Domingo-. So that the servers of the Superior Electoral Court can enter the Public Administration Career system and have greater security and commitments in their jobs, the president of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), Ygnacio Pascual Camacho Hidalgo, and the Minister of the Administration Public, Mr. Darío Castillo held a meeting.

The president of the High Court highlighted the importance of the accompaniment and advice of the Ministry of Public Administration (MAP) in this process, which aims to guarantee the efficiency of the public administration and offer stability and equal opportunities for access and promotion of TSE services.

While from the MAP it was recommended that the legal consultancies of both institutions meet to adjust some points of the agreement, as well as work on the profiles of the positions that make up the entity.

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Castillo Lugo maintained that they are “fully willing to collaborate to improve the quality of life of court officials,” while adding that the labor regime in the Dominican Republic is governed by two laws.

According to the head of the MAP, the Labor Code (Law 16-92) applies both to the private sector and to the public sector, and Law 41-08 on Civil Service provides for special careers, teaching, the Ministry Public, diplomatic, health and servers of Congress.

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