Capefo urges Pedro Castillo to prioritize the purchase of organic fertilizers

Capefo urges Pedro Castillo to prioritize the purchase of organic fertilizers

The Peruvian Chamber of Organic Fertilizers (Capefo), chaired by Rosa Urbina, spoke out about the current fertilizer crisis in the country and urged the President of the Republic, Pedro Castillo, from the Ministry of Agriculture, to prioritize the purchase of organic fertilizers.

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“We ask President Castillo that his government prioritize the purchase of organic fertilizers without neglecting the current purchase that Midagri is making. Fertilizers are a very good alternative for our farmers and at Capefo we have the supply capacity for our country. We hope to meet soon as a union with the president,” said Urbina.

In his turn, the executive director of Capefo and specialist in sustainable agriculture, Julio Obando, stated that this fertilizer crisis has led most regions to opt for organic farming.

“Already throughout the country they are betting on organic fertilizers and it is necessary to continue in this line and -above all- that the Executive Power supports in promoting its use, as well as its purchase”, he stressed.

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His colleague Leonardo Menacho, Vice President of Capefo, explained to us that the prices of organic fertilizers are the most accessible on the market and they provide quality products.

“One of the problems for farmers is that in many regions they are not organized and this prevents them from making wholesale purchases at a good price. That should be a State job to help our farmers. In addition, we carry out demonstration field tests that all our members apply together with the farmers, ”he said.

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