TSE disapproves of Christian Democracy party accounts

TSE disapproves of Christian Democracy party accounts

The Superior Electoral Court (TSE) today (28) disapproved of the accountability of the national directory of the Christian Democracy (DC) party for the 2016 financial year. Unanimously, the ministers understood that there were irregularities in the application of resources from the Party Fund – public money for the maintenance of subtitles. TSE disapproves of Christian Democracy party accounts

In the decision, the TSE determined that the party return R$ 274 thousand to the public coffers. In addition, the DC must apply R$ 46,900 from the fund to programs to promote female participation in politics for not having applied the mandatory minimum percentage of 5% for that purpose.

Among the irregularities found by the court are: purchase of fuel from companies linked to party leaders, payment of fuel vouchers to employees of the legend and failure to pay FGTS and INSS contributions from employees.

In the process, the party’s lawyers defended the approval of the accounts and stated that there is no legal impediment to hiring a company that has party management members in the corporate structure.

THE Brazil Agency contacted the party’s advisory and awaits a response.

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