Sisbén: Medellín advances registration day for Venezuelan migrants

Sisbén: Medellín advances registration day for Venezuelan migrants

Until Saturday April 30, Venezuelan migrants residing in the Aburrá Valley will be able to claim the Temporary Protection Permit (PPT) and apply for registration Sisbén IV survey, to access the social programs of the Colombian Government.

(Government announced increase in the Solidarity Income subsidy).

The day, which began on Wednesday, April 27 at the facilities of the Carlos Mauro Hoyos Coliseum (Cra. 70 #164) between 7 am and 5 pm, It is led by Colombia Migration and the National Planning Department (DNP).

Furthermore, it is aimed at regularize nearly 1.8 million Venezuelan migrantsso that they can access the comprehensive care offered by the Government.

(Sisbén IV already shelters 19.9 million poor people).

The director of the DNP, Alejandra Botero Barco, invited migrants from the neighboring country to come and claim their PPT and request their registration to Sisbén IV. She and she added: “If someone already has the permit, but is not yet in the Sisbén databases, they can also approach or make the request in the Sisbén Citizen Portal.”


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