Donald Trump en Palm Beach, Florida, el viernes 12 de agosto de 2022. Foto: Jon Elswick/Ap.

Trump says he understands the “anger” after the search of his Florida residence

The former president of the United States donald trump He said this Monday that he understands the “tremendous anger” in the country for the “witch hunts” that are taking place, among which he included the search of his Florida residence, although he called for calm.

“The country is in a very dangerous position, there is tremendous anger, like I haven’t seen before, over all the scams.” “After this year of scams and witch hunts, now this,” Trump told Fox News in an ambiguous interview, according to the agency’s report. Eph.

Trump explained that his legal representatives have contacted the Justice Department to offer help and that his team “has not yet heard” as to whether they will accept it. “If there is anything we can do to help, my people and I would certainly be willing to do it,” he said in this ambiguous interview in which, despite asking for calm, he warned that the American people “will not tolerate another scam.”

Published on Friday, the source points out that the search warrant for Mar-a-lago last Monday reveals that the former president took classified material home, for which he could have violated the Espionage Law, in addition to having obstructed the work of Justice.

Trump is being investigated for the possible commission of three crimes: violation of the Espionage Act, obstruction of justice and destruction of documents, which, if convicted, could carry from fines to prison terms and disqualify him from holding political office .

For its part, the inventory shows that among the documentation seized are twenty-six boxes each labeled with a number, as well as several folders of documents and photos with the labels “top secret” or “confidential.”

According to EphSince the raid became publicly known, Donald Trump has dedicated himself to publishing through Truth, his own social network, incendiary messages about what he considers political persecution, an “abuse” and an “attack on democracy.”

Justice Department asks federal judge to release contents of search warrant to Trump’s home

These messages could be related to the increase in attacks against security forces in recent days, according to the FBI itself.

The open investigation into the former US president has further polarized US politics, with less than three months to go before key mid-term elections.

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