Six homes affected by heavy rains in Bello, Antioquia

Six homes affected by heavy rains in Bello, Antioquia

After some of the heavy rains that occurred in the afternoon of this August 14, government authorities and risk management agencies of the municipality of Bellonorth of the Aburrá Valley, have preliminarily reported the occurrence of some minor floods for the communities.

According to Corporal Jaiber González, coordinator of the Bello Fire Department station, the increase in the flow of the The La García creek affected four houses in the Hato Viejo village and two more in the Los Espejos village..

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In turn, Wber Zapata, Secretary of Risk Management of the town, indicated that of the six affected structures, evacuation was requested in two of them in order to assess the damage and its condition.

In lower and central areas of the town, the levels of the tributary again generated anxiety and discomfort in the inhabitants of the sector. El Tapón from the Las Granjas neighborhood, who blocked the North highway until late at night demanding the presence of Mayor Óscar Andrés Pérez to request the construction of a retaining wall in the area in order to avoid similar emergencies.

“In El Tapón, fortunately, the bed of the ravine did not overflow, but what there was was a citizen mobilization demanding speed in the work that is being carried out. At around 10:30 at night, the mayor was present and the peaceful blockade was dismantled,” said Corporal González.

In previous days, the municipal administration reported on dredging and conduction works of the creek, in addition to the lifting of a jarillón to prevent these situations.

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After the cessation of the rain, the indicators of the level of the streams stabilized at a yellow level and the Mayor’s Office assured that at this time they do not generate threats.

The damages presented They are being attended and valued by a technical and social staff of the Secretariat of Risk Management and Disaster Attention. and it is expected that in the next few hours a committee will determine new actions to be taken.

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