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Truckers raise the demonstrations and clear the routes

One of the first points where the demonstration was held was at Km 16 of Route PY02 in the former Aratiri area, where truck drivers and other unions celebrated the measure announced by the Government and decided to free traffic.

They then made the same decision at points such as Acceso Sur in the Itá area, as well as in other sections of the Central department.

However, Ángel Zaracho, president of the Federation of Truckers of Paraguay, mentioned to Monumental that the instruction is to remain vigilant throughout the weekend on the side of the routes, without making cuts, but in the expectation of what can be resolved. in the coming days.

“Once the law is enacted, we are going to lift the strike. We ask that the State intervene, that it regulate at least for the duration of the crisis”, Zaracho clarified.

At a press conference, the authorities indicated this Friday that type 3 diesel will have a discount of G. 500, remembering that days ago there was already a reduction of the same amount. The total discount in this way is G. 1,000.

For its part, gasoline with 93 octane will have a discount of G. 300, totaling G. 800 discount.

The readjustment in both types of fuels will take place from 00:00 hours next Monday, March 21.

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