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Truckers challenge the Government with new road blocks while Interior accelerates filing of complaints over the State Security Law

The tension continues between the Government of President Gabriel Boric and the truckers who are mobilizing throughout the country, with the main concentration in the northern zone. This, because after the Executive’s announcement to file complaints under the State Security Law, the truckers intensified the mobilizations, cutting off new routes this Thursday.

Following Vice President Carolina Tohá’s announcement that they will apply the State Security Law against mobilized truckers, the Minister(s) of the Interior, Manuel Monsalvereported Wednesday night that the Government is preparing 27 complaints under the State Security Law against the truckers strike, which is taking place in different parts of the country (focusing on the northern zone).

“We have already filed 13 complaints from Arica to Valparaíso invoking the State Security Law, Article 6. Carabineros have the order to clear the country’s tracks,” said the authority. Minutes later, the Ministry of the Interior indicated that the number of complaints filed rose to 15.

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“Presidential delegates in all regions are instructed not to move from their offices until all complaints are filed,” added the minister(s).

In turn, he addressed the Government’s proposals to truckers.

“I want to remember that the Government has proposed freezing the value of diesel for three months. I ask the truckers, what other government has made this commitment? It has extended the return of the specific tax by one year, and despite that, mobilizations have been maintained that impede the normal functioning of the country,” Monsalve said.

Along these lines, he commented that “it is a solid, forceful proposal and that it has a large fiscal expense. Fiscal resources cannot be used only to solve problems of a specific group, no matter how legitimate their demands may be.”

The truckers strike has been rejected even by the country’s economic sectors. This Wednesday, the Confederation of Production and Commerce (CPC), headed by Juan Sutil, referred to the mobilizations maintained by truckers who continue to block routes in the country and pointed out that the situation “attempts against the rule of law.”

Truckers still on strike

As a result of the complaints presented by the Executive, the truckers’ union once again blocked different routes in the country this Thursday morning.

As announced by the Ministry of Transportation through the Transporte Informa account, on Thursday morning a group of trucks blocked part of Route 5 North in both directions at the height of Quilicura, leaving only one of the tracks enabled. in every direction.

The same thing happened on Ruta 5 Sur, at kilometer 41, in the Paine sector, where a group of truckers also blocked roads in both directions.

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